In The Words Of GEORGE WASHINGTON„,”No Money”

Not Worth A Continental„„

 The common sense pamphlet, by Thomas Paine.These are the Time’s that try men’s souls.

 Common Sense, It has not changed in the Time that it has been away.

 List of Amendments of the United States Constitution.

A helping hand for common sense.

 Not to be swallowed one at a Time like a tablet to help the headache’s of business interests. BUT

To be taken as a packaged recipe,FOR THE PEOPLE ONLY, with all the ingredients being given there fair share of balance and necessary worth. For too much emotional salt will give an unbearable taste and lasting shiver to the point of emotional vomit.

 ALMOST„„is a Word that explain’s itself very well indeed. There is NO mix up with this Word.

You cannot almost be in Love. You cannot almost Win. You cannot almost do the Right Thing. 

You cannot almost Give Up. You cannot almost run a Country.


„,to read THAT about the U.S.A„,ALMOST makes me Physically SICK.

ALMOST the united states of america,NO CAPITAL,just DEBT„


 When a country is divided to such an extent as 50/50„,and NOTHING is getting done because„, PETER HAS NO RESPECT FOR PAUL„„AND PAUL HAS JUST NO TIME FOR PETER.  What do WE do?      

 IT’S BACK TO BASICS.  The people ALL of them„YOU WHO BECOME WE„ bring OUR country back to the start of its Gathering.

 Which means in this case of„almost The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Back to the Time it was taken away from the MASTERS hands of the BRITISH„,and made into a REPUBLIC.

Now, in this TIME of 50/50 CONFUSION„THE UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA„MUST BECOME A REPUBLIC ONCE AGAIN. And once again just like back„then„The People must RALLY around something that the Common Man can UNDERSTAND.  This Something Is A WORD not just any WORD„BUT a HOLY WORD„and that WORD is„, REPUBLIC.

 Take away ALL the names you have heard,Peter this, Paul that„they are just MEN„who are secondary to THE PEOPLE.  There are NOT two parties here anymore when your sitting with ALMOST„there is just THE “BRITISH”  AND THE NEW REPUBLIC„,we will fill the NAMES in afterwards.

 A REPUBLIC„is the same as a MAN and WOMAN,who join together. But the MAN must LOVE himself first before he can LOVE his Woman CORRECTLY and Vice a Versa.

A Country is the Same„A Country must LOVE its own PEOPLE, 1st„

before it can go outside itself and love another country’s people.

 A REPUBLIC is built on this format„FIX jobs here first„FIX poverty here first„FIX debt here first.


It has always been thus„and Madam Liberty stands alone with this Light held high in her hand.

 Forget silly names like tea party„democrat party„party this and party that„there all„, Almost„,the party is over„party suggests someone having a Good Time. I Don’t See Any Good Time.

The Suffering Party has to STOP.

The Saber is still wet from battle with the blood of No Work„The HomeLess„Not Paying The Right TAXES. Not Being What You Want To Call Yourself„THE SPIRIT OF AN AMERICAN.

Back to Basics„,start from scratch„,“REPUBLIC”„,SAY IT„,as it was said with spirit the FIRST TIME around„,”REPUBLIC”

 REPUBLIC THE PEOPLE and you WILL have a New WORD sitting beside A PROUD, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA„„,SPIRIT„„,#RepublicSPIRIT„,HOW do we bring this about„JOBS stops poverty, which in turn stops Debt. 

What has taken the Jobs from Man„a man made machine did, made by Science. Not for the advancement of Man„but of Greed.

Science is good and true, let it do the jobs that are below man,cleaning drain sweeping roads. But Why must it do our furniture, why must make our cars, why must it take the good of man out from hisself.

Keep science for space and let it bring us to the Stars. But hand-made is in the image of God and we should be proud of products made by hand for the advancement of JOBS„NOT GREED.

The One thing i do find strange IS„the One place Science should be working,and taking the WORK out of Mans hands„IS the Stock Exchange, which could be very easy to take OUT of the hands of GREED;



Friday morning and Beingself was excited. The butterflies were the same their clubbed topped antenna twitching, breathing in the the essence of Life.

They together had watched the Moon sink below the Horizon as they stood on the Meridian line on the centre of the Earth. #JavaSprite smiled toward his little breathlight, winged friends as the Sun came up, life giving life a chance to see itself in all ITs glory.

Vast forests spread out a vista unmatched in the colours green 40 shades of. The colour of flowers intertweened a rainbow of special words that where needed to be made up, to give life to their sounding colour names.

All was well as Beingself touched the waters and as if the WORD had been spoken, which IT had, but without sound, for sound was not needed. Life teemed in the oceans. Living creatures great  an small of all sizes and shapes of their kind, giving birth and living as is the way.

Be fruitful and increase in number filling the Seas and the waters of no salt.

Beingself phrased a handfull of water from the Sea and flung IT up into the Sky. Birds of all kinds in kind and in all Majestic Magnificence flew out to cover the Globe their offspring in tow. 

Be fruitful and increase in number my blessed winged friends of the Earth. 

#JavaSpirte„was pleased as the Sun made way once more for the Moon, IT was a good day as the reasons for Life’s Smile was spoken into Time and existence.

to be continued on the 6th day„,

#JavaSpirte„needed Time to exist even though it does not exist„Beingself knew speaking Word would make iT real which was Not wanted„„„„„„„„„A Quantary even for GOD.

Beingself, brought the Light to the darkness, on the first Day. #then brought a lesser light to the darkness on the forth. Two shinning examples of cosmic lights off centre to dark matter, Separating the Day from the Night bringing a concequence that was very much needed for something else entirely.

Time realised its suddenness and smiled, birthed to give meaningful unimportantness and so keeping iTs eyes slyly raised, iT bowed to #JavaSpirte for its chance to help Con change„,as IT marked the days and the years going by„which brought the seasons, 1 to 4 in and out. 

The Sun and the Moon sets the stage for all kinds of everything to come and Be for Now. There was, Morning and Evening with Time proudly in the middle doing its thing.„„Beingself was pleased with the work of the forth day. 

to be continued„,Day 5

The Butterflies were skimming the waters in fairy play. Beingself, could see their were getting tired and hitting the waters would be the end of their delicate wings. He put his hands out, and sang a whispered note. Turning their club topped antennae they caught the essence of grace and settled gently on Beingself’s fingers, like jewels of the spectrum. 

Rising his hands to eye level, Beingself gave an intence stare at the little round club on top of the butterflies antennae. Let the waters that sits under the Sky be gathered into one place. And let the ground where the waters once were become Dry.

The whorl of the waters, caused a swirl of a wind.

It lifted the butterflies up off Beingself’s fingers. Come back he smiled, we are not finish yet. But please all of you this time #IF„you would, Land on my left hand for I need my right hand free.

LAND„of course he thought, that’s what we will call the dry ground„LAND„ now i see. And SEA with an A instead of an E„for the water’s. LAND and SEAS.

Let IT be so„for goodness comes from nothing, for a smile is as good as a wink to a butterfly.

#then„JaveSprite said„the Land is barren of usefullness and Life is not this way. Beingself, held up his right hand and #then„held up his left hand holding the butterflies and facing them into the Four winds North, South, East, West.

Beingself sang tear’s from his own and the butterflies eyes. The wind caught them as they fell to the Land.

Vegetation, with Seed and Plant and Tree. Self fullfilling seed secret’s inside in their own right. Plant’s and Fruit’s Tree’s of all kinds with Seed according to their kind.

All the butterfly wing’s together quivered and #IT was so. #JavaSpirte saw #IT was good and right. The morning and evening went of the 3rd Day.

to be continued„,on the 4th Day

The Thing with dark matter is that its everywhere. That can get very depressing, Beingself thought, peoples are going to want to look up when feeling good, to give thanks.

Hearts must have the chance to rejoice. Which can only happen as the neck and head are stretched UP and OUT to unblock the AIR passageways of given breath.

Their Eyes feed the Soul for the longing of home. With no middle Horizon to meditate on, there can be no GOING home.

Beingself, whispered gently to the Butterflies wings and they quivered once again. Let there be an expance to seperate the waters from the dark matter, for the Human eye to focus on and settle the Heart of the future.

Let there be a Middle Sky where the peoples can see the Hope of Heaven shinning down on them and know they are Not alone.

Let the water’s of the deep for the time being, stay where they are now, around and cradling the Earth.

The Sun shows itself racing from morning to evening across the Heavens in all its Atomic glory.

JavaSprite, was happy with the 2nd day of SKY creation. Let It Be So.

to be continued„„3rd day